Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rhythm and Flow

I've always loved a poem that had a meaning or purpose, balance, melody, and actually rhymed. Somehow without these key elements I've always felt that something was missing. I strive to create that feeling through my poetry, that feeling that only something that was written just right has the power to bring out of us.

This is a new one that i just finished earlier today.

Rhythm and Flow

Where to turn
- Where to go
With so much spinning
- Out of control
- Rhythm and flow
Open up
- Let it go
With paper and ink
- Calm the restless soul

Don't forget to vote on that poll I posted a few days ago. I really want opinions on that. :)

Post By: Art and Poetry


  1. Yes, poetry can have a magical effect on heart. It is the music of the soul. Also, symettery and balance are the basic ingredients of art and that applies to poetry too.

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