Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rhythm and Flow

I've always loved a poem that had a meaning or purpose, balance, melody, and actually rhymed. Somehow without these key elements I've always felt that something was missing. I strive to create that feeling through my poetry, that feeling that only something that was written just right has the power to bring out of us.

This is a new one that i just finished earlier today.

Rhythm and Flow

Where to turn
- Where to go
With so much spinning
- Out of control
- Rhythm and flow
Open up
- Let it go
With paper and ink
- Calm the restless soul

Don't forget to vote on that poll I posted a few days ago. I really want opinions on that. :)

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What do you think?

So the other day I got an idea but I'm not sure if I should implement it in my site or not... The idea is to not only show my work on this site but to do review of famous artists and poets and show some of their work as well... Do you think that this is a good idea?

I'm going to post a poll for this on my site... It will be just to right right of my "about me"... I want your feedback on this... :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Poetry: The Pen is Mighty

Hey everybody... Just getting up... I hope its not as hot today like it has been... Its been crazy... Had a nice rainstorm though... Some pretty sweet lightning and the rain was definitely refreshing... Does a storm like that ever make any of you just feel like getting out a pen and paper? Well it does me...

I don't know why but i find that poetry is more powerful than any form of speech... Well not just any poetry... Some time you come across a bunch of words that just rhyme but have no real meaning... In my opinion, that is not poetry... To truly be poetry a writer needs inspiration to write or it's just words... That is why I consider poetry an art form... Poetry requires thought, meaning, an idea... It doesn't really matter what that idea is, it could be just about anything... But there is just something about poetry that has the ability to awww any reader, assuming it is good enough... Like a wow that's deep, or huh I never would have thought of that... I hope what I write has that ability...


Living in nightmare,
One day to be there,
Some say, "This isn't fair,"
I say, "I don't care."
All this will mend,
When it comes to an end.
All will be unfurled.
We're just living in a dreamworld.


The demons on our shoulders ever restless,
They say we're such a mess.
Why do we argue and why do we fight?
It is only to their delight.
Is it really that hard,
To keep pushing forward?
Win or lose,
Our hands alone will choose

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